• As the national air purifier industry quality brand, Jingdong Auto Supplies Merchants Conference annual quality store, Jingdong Auto Supplies Supplier Conference annual marketing creative star
  • Even advanced collectives of trade union work, five-star grassroots party organizations, and county taxpayers
  • Became a national product and service quality integrity demonstration enterprise, Shanghai recognized enterprise technology center, won the industrial economic development contribution award, transformation and upgrade "machine substitution award"
  • The water-cooled automatic shutdown high-pressure cleaning machine is recognized as the city's high-tech achievements transformation project. The newly listed CloudAir Air Cloud won the National Air Net Industry Golden Ding Award for the annual total selection of innovative products and PChome product selection technology innovation award.
  • Became a county-level high-tech research and development center for washing machines, the top ten equipment in China's car wash industry, and the “unicorn” enterprise in Jiashan County, and won the county-level taxpayer
  • It has been recognized as a national product and service quality integrity demonstration enterprise, a national automobile cleaning industry quality brand, Jiaxing produced a famous brand, and established the Jiashan Charity Federation title fund, and was welcomed by the 19th "Labor Most Beautiful" County Staff Professional Style TV Competition. Silver Award and the title of "Advanced Collective of Trade Union Work"
  • Was rated as the top ten innovation award, the transformation and upgrading award, the industrial economic development contribution award, the social welfare contribution award, the top ten outstanding growth enterprises, the county-level taxpayer, and became the Jiashan County Federation of Industry and Commerce (the General Chamber of Commerce) The 9th Executive Committee (Director)
  • Customized development upgraded the ERP enterprise resource planning management system, synchronized on-line PLM project, CRM customer relationship management and DRP distribution system, and basically realized data integration management of information integration
  • Has 150 patents, established a corporate university, and the party branch won the title of the five-star grassroots party organization and the most beautiful branch of the Organization Department of the CPC
  • Yili took the lead to enter the village Amoy area, and immediately became the village Taoxing star merchant, Ali Automobile's most influential brand, the enterprise won the district-level patent work advanced unit, the CPC county-level love enterprise
  • It has become a very popular brand of car washing machine series for e-commerce platform of China's Ali and JD.
  • It has been recognized as a national safety production standardization secondary enterprise, a Shanghai district-level R&D institution, and a patent demonstration enterprise. It has been rated as Zhejiang Science and Technology SMEs, Jiaxing High-tech Research and Development Center, and outstanding Zhejiang merchants. It also won the Science and Technology Innovation Award and County-level advanced grassroots party organization
  • Full implementation of the OA collaborative office management system
  • It has 100 patents, was established and was recognized as a county-level technology research and development center by Jiashan County, and settled in the e-commerce platform. It has created a category of 220V car washing machine in the e-commerce field, filling the business gap of the e-commerce industry cleaning machine.
  • More than 30 production lines of Jiashan Production and Manufacturing Base have been completed, with sales reaching 3 million units. The total export volume of private enterprises in 2012 ranked 37th, and the group organization won the outstanding “non-public enterprise” group organization in Shanghai.
  • 50 high-pressure cleaning machines with patents, high-pressure cleaner movements and new transmissions have won the district-level scientific and technological achievements award.
  • It is recognized as the honorary title of "specialized, refined, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprises, "scientific science and technology giant giant enterprise" and "innovative science and technology demonstration enterprise" in Shanghai, and successfully passed the application software of Yili high pressure cleaning machine motor detection system.
  • The sales of vacuum cleaners broke 1.6 million units, and the sales volume of washing machines broke 2 million units.
  • Zhejiang Jiashan purchased land to build a production base covering an area of 85,000 square meters with a total construction area of 128,000 square meters. The company was rated as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai and was recognized as a district-level learning enterprise and a leader in labor protection competition.
  • The sales volume of washing machines has broken through one million units. Passed the World BSCI Business Social Standards Behavior Certification
  • The number of resident employees of Yili has broken thousands, and the sales volume of washing machines has only broken 700,000 units.
  • Shanghai Yili passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and developed a new type of pump, the 08-type pump, which is small in size, high in pressure, low in cost and has a very high technical level.
  • Import the ERP system and start automating the office. And the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission is concerned about project development in high-tech fields.
  • Self-contained the core components of the high-pressure cleaner - the pump and the motor, and was accepted as a member by the Shanghai Minhang District Enterprise Contract Credit Promotion Association.
  • Registered the first patent owned by Yili, the high-pressure cleaner products produced by Yili passed the international certifications such as CE, GS, UL, EMC, ROHS, etc., went abroad and sold overseas.
  • Taizhou Yili passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification
  • Established a new factory in Shanghai with a land area of 34,000 square meters, successfully developed the first high-pressure cleaning machine, and established Shanghai Yili Electric Co., Ltd. to start professional research and development, manufacture high-pressure cleaning machines, and independently develop and produce dust-free vacuum cleaners, subverting household vacuum cleaners. Convention of dust loading mode
  • Independently developed a popular beetle bionic vacuum cleaner
  • Involved in the vacuum cleaner finished product industry, began to develop and manufacture household vacuum cleaners
  • Changed its name to Zhejiang Huangyan Yili Mould Co., Ltd., it has begun to take shape in the industry, and has become a strategic cooperation supplier for the famous domestic and foreign brands such as Peacock TV, Xiangxuehai Refrigerator, Great Wall Electric Fan, and Chunhua Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Won the National Mold Exposition Gold Award and was awarded as an excellent manufacturer of Chinese home appliance moulds
  • The predecessor of Yili - Huangyan Hongqi Daily Plastic Mould Factory was established



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