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Founded in 1983, Yili Electric is an innovative company specializing in the manufacture of cleaning appliances.

“Let the sun shine brighter and make the line of sight wider” is the goal of Yili. Yili integrates world science and technology with Chinese wisdom, and independently develops cleaning equipment that meets the needs of the current market and users' habits, including washing machines, vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. Use innovative thinking to create products and upgrade products based on user experience. The initial intention of Yili is to enable everyone in the world to experience cleanliness, enjoy cleanliness and pursue a positive attitude towards life.

Since its establishment, Yili Electric has established a pivotal position in the field of cleaning with its down-to-earth attitude, excellent technology and economical and practical products. He has won more than 150 patents, and has been awarded many honors such as high-tech enterprises, small giants in science and technology, special · fine · special · new, unicorn and so on. The vacuum cleaners and washing machines developed and produced by ourselves have become household names in China and benefit many families. It has a high reputation in the international market and is sold in more than 60 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, Australia and Southeast Asia.

In the future, Yili will still focus on the field of cleaning appliances, with integrity, collaboration, truth-seeking and pragmatic business philosophy, adhere to professional manufacturing and achieve corporate value.

专注清洁行业36年 Founded in 1983, focused on the cleaning industry for 36 years
Created in 1983

Experience from Huangyan, Zhejiang to the industrial strong area

To the world economy, the external window of the metropolis Shanghai

Shanghai Yili Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Minhang District, Shanghai. Main high-pressure car washing machine, high-pressure washing machine, vacuum cleaner, air purifier, etc. Companies adhere to the "customer first" principle, to provide quality services to our customers as a goal. In the household appliances - living small household appliances industry has won the recognition of our customers!

Yili's management, sales and R&D center is located in Minhang, the world's foreign economic metropolis. It covers an area of about 34,000 square meters and has a construction area of about 30,000 square meters. The production base is located in Jiashan, covering an area of about 85,000 square meters. With an area of about 128,000 square meters, it is one of the large-scale production bases for domestic vacuum cleaners and high-pressure cleaners. The company employs about 2,500 people, including about 100 technical R&D centers, about 80 engineering and technical personnel, and about 100 sales teams.

All along, Yili serves the society with the enterprise spirit of “integrity, cooperation, truth-seeking and pragmatism”. With the mission of “professional manufacturing, achievement value”, Yili pays attention to design innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection, user experience, product quality and cost control. Strive to provide better cleaning solutions and cleaning products around the world.

The company has successively won many honorary titles such as Zhejiang Science and Technology SMEs, High-tech Enterprises, Science and Technology Little Giants, Special · Jing·Te·New, Jiashan Unicorn Enterprise. Yili also passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and BSCI certification. The high-pressure cleaner and vacuum cleaner products have passed the CE, EMC, ETL certification, the US UL certification, the German GS certification and the CCC certification, and have obtained more than 100 national patents. At present, more than 60% of the company's products are exported to 60 countries and regions such as France, the United Kingdom and Asia. In addition to the expanding domestic market demand, the company is currently in a stage of rapid development.

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Address: No. 1318 Xiangyang Road, Minhang District, Shanghai E-mail: yilicrm@yilichina.cn

Record number: Zhejiang ICP No. 14007081-1

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