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Focus on the hardware exhibition Yili 7 series area, ushered in an unprecedented crowd!
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Focus on Hardware Show Yili 7 series area, ushered in unprecedented crowds!

On April 1, 2019, the 33rd China International Hardware Fair was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition lasted until April 3. Shanghai Yili Electric also participated in the exhibition.

CIHS - World Tool Hardware Professional Exhibition

China International Hardware Exhibition (CIHS) was founded in 2001. China International Hardware Expo is the only hardware professional exhibition in China that has been selected as one of the world's top 100 trade shows. For more than ten years, CIHS has developed into the world's second largest hardware exhibition in line with the market and service industry. The scale of the exhibition has reached 150,000 square meters, and it has been hailed as the “World Tool Hardware Professional Exhibition”.

Yili at the International Hardware Show

This Yili exhibition is divided into different categories of products and application scenarios. The exhibition hall is divided into 7 large areas, namely: high pressure series area, large flow series area, household DIY area, lithium battery platform area, shaking dust self-cleaning area, gasoline Power zone, large capacity and large suction series, the lineup is extremely strong.

High pressure water gun

High pressure is the most mentioned vocabulary at the show, and it is also the main topic. When many viewers press the water gun switch, the arm is bounced by the powerful water pressure of the water gun and experience a strong high-pressure stimulation! There are still many viewers at the show that Yili's products are very attractive only from the color appearance, so that they all want to get to know these products.

The concept of lithium battery platform is deeply rooted in people's hearts

The hardware exhibition is mostly aimed at male users, so more products at the show are more practical. Lithium electric power series is the most conspicuous position in the booth. It is also the new series of the main products of Yili. The first impression of the machine of "Eternal Gun" is that it is cool in shape and can be easily grasped with one hand. You can carry a car wash anytime, anywhere.

Introduce new products that users need

The appeal of the product is only “fresh” in the constant innovation and renewal. Whether it is responding to the increasing demand of users or the continuous upgrading of products in the same industry in the market, Yili knows that only the continuous innovation of products and the ultimate use experience of users can win the support and love of users. Stand firm in the market.

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