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Pay tribute to the martyrs in our way!
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Pay tribute to the martyrs in our way!

YILI Cleaning Public Welfare - Longhua Martyrs Cemetery Shanghai 2019

The late night of the bloody flower on February 7, 1931.

"Longhua 24 Martyrs"

Forced to be detained to an uninhabited openland

In two rows, the Kuomintang army is under the banner of the Northern Expeditionary Army.

Extend the sinful muzzle to the revolutionary martyrs

Aligned to every fresh life...

Crazy bullet shot

The slogan of the vibrating arm rang through the clouds!

Today, Yili cleaning team is equipped with professional cleaning equipment.

Came to the Longhua Martyrs Mausoleum to clean up and remember the revolutionary martyrs!

(Longhua Martyrs Cemetery is located in the east of Minghua Longhua Temple, formerly known as Xuehua Park. It was built in 1928 as a martyr's cemetery. The current Longhua Martyrs Monument Comrade Deng Xiaoping wrote the name of the garden.)

[unforgettable history]

Every life is recorded in the memorial

Their existence is in the form of death

Every photo here

Are telling us that every life is killed

Xiaoyi is attracted by the youthful face in the photo

Discover the distortion caused by magnified black and white photos

They look like young people today

Have a similar lively

Similar to the beautiful but they are in the photo

Become a distant eternal!

[Take a tribute in our way]

Yili Public Welfare Cleaning Team is in the mood to pay homage to the martyrs

Came to Shanghai Longhua Martyrs Cemetery to bring professional cleaning solutions to the cemetery

To create a clean and peaceful place for the martyrs who have comforted the underground

Yili cleaning squad surveyed the entire cemetery environment

Discover the luxuriant wide plaza and towering statues of the cemetery

It is the birds who live and play and leave a lot of bird dung dust adhesion.

And the two huge statues have many dead ends that cannot be washed away by the rain.

Over time, there will be a lot of dirt left to grow moss.

Like in the middle of the square and there is no power

Getting water and electricity is a big problem

In order to ensure the cleaning task is completed successfully

The communication with the cemetery master has been successfully carried out.

According to the cemetery cleaning problem

Yili cleaning team gives targeted solutions

Decided to use the beast series YLQ9280G cleaning machine

300BAR high pressure is very suitable for outdoor environment

The large roller design is easy to move during use.

The statue uses a 45- degree nozzle to adhere to the surface of the cured bird droppings.

Can be washed clean and ensure that the statue itself is not damaged

Anti-winding design at the end of the handle for cleaning work

Great convenience and no need to adjust the high pressure tube repeatedly

For large areas of the square area we use

Smooth roller large size high pressure rotary cleaning brush

Easy to use while greatly reducing cleaning time

Cleaning task completed successfully

After a day of cleaning

Yili 10 people cleaning team

Successfully completed the cleaning task

The cemetery's square, stone statue, stairs

Renewed as new under our efforts

Small action big public welfare

In addition to our new enlisted soldiers, we also pay tribute to the revolutionary martyrs.

There is no bloody sacrifice in peacetime but more self-reliance

Primary school students pay homage to the future of the motherland, but also remember the history

Looking back at the heavy memories of history

We should not be impossible to forget

The martyrs carved on the tombstone use their own blood.

The peacetime for us

Yili as a domestic high-pressure cleaning strength brand

From the disaster relief in eastern Guangdong to the cleaning of Shanghai Longhua Temple to the disaster relief in Hunan

And this Longhua Martyrs Cemetery offering

We practice social responsibility

We will embrace the heart of charity

Make our contribution to society with our own strength!

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