Commercial washing machine
Strong pressure and durable quality provide the widest range of applications and optimal solutions for commercial environments.
Scope of application:
Courtyard, property cleaning
Various types of vehicles, car wash shops
Farming, gardening
Factory, building facilities, etc.
Commercial vacuum cleaner
The wide range of cleaning and diversified clean environment make the value of Yili commercial vacuum cleaners. The machine is flexible and convenient, extremely strong and durable.
Scope of application:
the mall
Office, etc.
Household washing machine
The Yili Household Washer is not only powerful, but also easy to move, with its compact design and efficient quality to complete daily cleaning.
Scope of application:
Car wash (car, motorcycle, electric car, bicycle, SUV, MPV)
Courtyard (wall)
Gardening, etc.
Household appliances
The safety, health and comfort of the home environment has become a common demand. Yili Household Appliances solves a series of troubles and enjoys quality life through performance guarantee and storage design.
Scope of application:
Home use
For 36 years, insist on doing only one thing
Make cleaning products better
1200 million square meters large production base
Big companies are more reliable
Reasons to choose Yili
Be a partner and worry-free

Company Vision
Company vision
Yili focuses on the promotion of brand promotion in major online platforms and offline exhibitions in the field of domestic cleaning appliances.
Keep moving forward in the direction of the company's vision

Product advantages
Product advantage
Yili quality has been recognized by many international and domestic famous brands.
85,000 square meters production base with continuous supply capacity
More than 200 R&D teams provide continuous innovation for products

service team
Service team
Yili has a professional pre-sales and after-sales team to provide you with professional sales and technical guidance, so that you can quickly choose the products you need.

Company philosophy
Company concept
Yili and thousands of dealers maintain good cooperative relations in many small channels such as small household appliances, hotel property electromechanical, KA, etc. The company will rely on the information system to carry out regional and price protection to provide promotion and convenience for the majority of dealers.
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